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The lifestyle may be changed by Sonahat landport in Kurigram

The lifestyle may be changed by Sonahat landport in Kurigram thumbnail

K.M. Golam Rabbani:

Some 20 lakh people of Kurigram district become happy expecting the dream of ray of hope is going to be meterialized.The Bangosonahat Landport at Bhurungamari upazila in the district closed in 1947 which 63 years ago is now under process to open again.

The only landport will change the socio economic condition in the poverty stricken district. Meanwhile the connecting road has been constructed.The Minister for shipping Shahjahan Khan visited for possibility at the landport recently.

The proposed Sonahat landport is situated at Banabkuti village under Bhurungamari upazila in the district and 50 kilometer off from the district town.During the reign of British government the Sonahat was the gateway of Assam,Mizoram, Monipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Arunachal and Meghalaya of India and Bangladesh.At that time paddy,rice,coal,agricultural products, wood,jute,cloth and domestic animals were exported and imported.The Assam-Bengal eccess road and Railway constructed here.

The roads closed after separation of India-Pakistan in 1947. Consequently while goods are brought from Assam as well as seven provinces of easten sides of India have to cross more 350 kilometer and come to Burimari landport via Jopaiguri and Coochbihar district of West Bengal province in India. As a result about 300 rupee is needed as additional cost in per metric tone of coal and the carrying cost is needed more in other routes. Where as the eccess cost will no need after starting the Sonahat landport.There is coal mine within 70 kilometers into  India from here.Various kind of goods including 7000-10000 tones of coal in per year,grafite, cow, bufallo, will be imported and biscuits, medicine, soap, paper,tobaco,bricks,chips and cosmetics will be exported easily with low cost.

After starting the Sonahat landport the seven provinces known as “seven sisters” of north-south region of India will get the opportunities carrying goods which is no more in Bangladesh. So, the landport will not only extend the business facility but also advancement for the comminication system between the two neighbouring countries.The costing of export import of goods of the businssmen will be reduced after starting the landport.

Sources concerned said there are many opportunities to start a landport here. Of them,customs office including stuffs, BGB camp,Border Security Force(BSF) camp is in opposite side of India,abandoned Railway which  will be used as road. Pucca road up to Sonahat, necessary lands, mobile network and police camp.The police forces are doing duties with Sadar police as they have no work there.In addition,India had constructed a culvert in no man,s land which will connect with Bango Sonahat in Bangladsh part.

On the other hand, there is a pledge of the present government to open the Bango Sonahat landport for the development of Kurigram.The public administration affairs  advisor of the prime minister H.T. Imam,several ministers, state ministers and High offcials visited the spot several times.

Bhurungamari Upazila chaiman Abdul Hye Sarkar told that our demand of heart to start the landport. We donot stay with Monga(Like famine situation).Many unemployed will get the job opportunities after opening the land port.

Eminent local businessman and industrialist Golam Mostafa told that the businessmen will be benefitted with the land port and many persons will be employed here.

Law makers of Kurigram- 2 constituency Jafar Ali told that our government is  cordial to set up a land port at Bango Sonahat point.The land port will ply a vital role for the development of the district. We are expecting to start the landport soon.

One Comment on "The lifestyle may be changed by Sonahat landport in Kurigram"

  1. Ziauddin Islam Prince on Sun, 10th Jun 2012 1:38 pm 

    Banabkuti village – It will be Banur Kuti

    Jopaiguri – It will be Jolpaiguri

    Can you tell, when it will be open ???